• A.) Adopted Policy

    Complete listing of approved school policy by Policy Manual Section.


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  • Section A - School District

    AAA.pdf Philosophy of Public Schools

    AAB.pdf District Goals & Objectives

    AAC.pdf Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy

    AAC-BR Discrimination & Harassment Grievance Procedure

    AAC-E Filing a State or Federal Discrimination & Harassment Complaint

    AACA.pdf Section 504 Dispute Resolution Policy

    AACD.pdf English Language Learner/Limited English Proficient Students

    ABBA North Dakota's Comprehensive Model School Policy for Tobacco Use

    ABBE.pdf Displays of Religious Objects or Documents

    ABCC Wellness Policy

    ABDA Accessibility Policy

    ABDA-BR1 Website Accessibility

    ABDA-BR2 Website Accessibility Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances

    ABDA-E1 Website Accessibility Complaint and Grievance Form

    ABDA-E2 Website Accessibility Statement

    ACBA.pdf Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

    ACBB.pdf Significant Contagious Diseases

    ACBB-AR Responding to Potential Health Threats

    ACBB-E Universal Precautions & Sanitary Cleanup

    ACDA Acceptable Use

    ACEA.pdf Bullying Policy

    ACEA-E1 Bullying Policy Adoption & Dissemination Checklist

    ACEA-E2 Bullying Reporting Guidelines

    ACEA-E3 Staff Bullying Report Form

    ACEA-E4 Student Bullying Report Form

    ACEA-E5 Bullying / Harassment Investigation Protocol

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  • Section B - School Board

    BAB.pdf Board Conflict of Interest

    BBA School Board Elections and Terms of Office

    BC Meetings of the Board

    BDD Compensation and Expenses for Board Members

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  • Section C - Administration

    CAAA Superintendent Recruitment and Appointment

    CCA Superintendent & Other Administrative Professional Development

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  • Section D - Personnel

    DBAA-AR Criminal History Record Check Screening Procedure

    DBAA-E U.S. Office of Personnel Management Adjudication System

    DBAA-E2 Intent to Hire Letter Sample

    DBBA Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New Classified Personnel

    DBBA Drug & Alcohol Testing Program for Employees

    DBBA-AR Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures

    DBBA-E Drug & Alcohol Testing Notification Requirements for Employees

    DCB Definition of Workweek and Overtime and Compensatory Time

    DCB-E Compensatory Time Off

    DDA Sick Leave

    DDA-BR Sick Leave Regulations

    DDAB Health Restoration Leave

    DDAB-BR Health Restoration Leave Regulations

    DDAD Childcare Leave

    DDAD-BR Childcare Leave Regulations

    DEAA Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

    DEAA-AR Procedure If Harmful Chemical Use is Suspected

    DEAA-E Record of Observable Behavior

    DEAG Weapons Prohibition on School Property - Employees

    DGGA AdvancED Professional Development Plan

    DHBA Professional Development Plan

    DHBE Teacher Preparation Time

    DI Personnel Records

    DI-BR Personnel Records Review Procedure

    DJB Part-Time Teachers

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