• Hope-Page School Board 2023-2024 Board Goals

    1. The Board will work effectively as a team, in collaboration with our superintendent, to exhibit a shared understanding of roles, maintain and follow board and district policies. 
    2. Maintain financial rigor around monitoring state funding and broader outrange impacts, leveraging local funding with strong inform on why to district patrons, and controlling expenses through creative and flexible options while continuing our existing academic programming. Outline strategic cost cutting and expense management ideas to combat long range potential lost revenue at a state level.
    3. Engage staff and students in focus group or brainstorming sessions relating to key Hope Page district policy or handbook changes that will have direct impact. This will allow for all impacted stakeholders to have input into broader board decisions.

    Finance, Buildings, Transportation, Personnel

        1. Create common understanding of legislative matters that will impact our district.

        2. Identify critical facilities needs long and short-term.

        3. Identify ways to manage expenditures

    Policy, Curriculum, Technology

    1. Create new curriculum and policy for the Hope-Page School District on emerging cyber security education. Educate and inform Hope Page board twice a year on various assessment results and key curriculum updates.
    2. Review all NDSBA and legislative changes fo
    3. impacts and updates needed to our Hope-Page School District policies and/or handbook. Recommended new policies to aid district with any identified areas of risk and allow for strong governance.  
    4. Create a multi-year technology rotation to ensure fiscal responsibility while enabling our students with tools to be academically successful.