• A.) Adopted Policy

    Complete listing of approved school policy by Policy Manual Section.


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  • Section A - School District

    AAA.pdf Philosophy of Public Schools

    AAB.pdf District Goals & Objectives

    AAC Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy

    AAC.BR1 Discrimination & Harassment Grievance Procedure

    AAC.BR2 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

    ABBA North Dakota's Comprehensive Model School Policy for Tobacco Use

    ABBE.pdf Displays of Religious Objects or Documents

    ABDA Accessibility Policy

    ABDA-BR1 Website Accessibility

    ABDA-BR2 Website Accessibility Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances

    ABEA Wellness

    ACBA.pdf Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

    ACBB.pdf Significant Contagious Diseases

    ACBD    School Medication

    ACCA    Sexual Offenders on School Property

    ACDA Acceptable Use

    ACEA.pdf Bullying Policy


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  • Section B - School Board

    BA         School Board Ethics

    BAB.pdf Board Conflict of Interest

    BBA School Board Elections and Terms of Office

    BC Meetings of the Board

    BCAD    Executive Sessions

    BCBA    Public Participation at Board Meetings

    BDAA   Contract Supersedes Policy & Regulations

    BDAB    Savings Clause

    BDD Compensation and Expenses for Board Members

    BEC       School Board Evaluation

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  • Section C - Administration

    CAAA Superintendent Recruitment and Appointment

    CAAB    Superintendent Evaluation Procedure

    CCA Superintendent & Other Administrative Professional Development

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  • Section D - Personnel

    DAA      Role of Policy & Regulation for Non-Contracted Employees

    DAB      Definitions for Personnel Policies

    DBBA Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New Classified Personnel

    DBBA Drug & Alcohol Testing Program for Employees

    DCB Definition of Workweek and Overtime and Compensatory Time

    DDA Sick Leave

    DDAA   Family & Medical Leave

    DDAB Health Restoration Leave

    DDAB-BR Health Restoration Leave Regulations

    DDAD Childcare Leave

    DDAD-BR Childcare Leave Regulations

    DEAA Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace


    DEAG Weapons Prohibition on School Property - Employees

    DEBD    Marinating Professional Employee Student Relationships

    DGB      Employee Assistance Program

    DGGA AdvancED Professional Development Plan

    DGHA   Lactation/Breastfeeding

    DHBE Teacher Preparation Time

    DI Personnel Records

    DI-BR Personnel Records Review Procedure

    DJB Part-Time Teachers

    DKA Reduction in Force

    DKBB Contracted Staff Resignations & Request for Release from Contract


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