• Section A - School District

    AAA Philosophy of Public Schools

    AAB.pdf District Goals & Objectives

    AAC Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy

    AAC.BR1 Discrimination & Harassment Grievance Procedure

    AAC.BR2 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

    AACA Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Policy

    ABACVirtual Learning Because Of Weather Or Other Conditions

    ABBA North Dakota's Comprehensive Model School Policy for Tobacco Use

    ABBB- Community Use of District Property

    ABBE Displays of Religious Objects or Documents

    ABDA Accessibility Policy

    ABDA-BR1 Website Accessibility Concerns

    ABEA Wellness

    ABCE Prohibition on Aiding Sexual Abuse

    ABDA Accessibility Policy

    ABDA-BR1 Website Accessibility

    ABEA Wellness Policy

    ABEB Child Nutrition Programs

    ABEB-BR2 Free and Reduced Priced Meal Eligibility Appeals

    ABEC School Meal Charge Policy

    ACBAAutomated External Defibrillators (AED)

    ACBB Significant Contagious Diseases

    ACBD    School Medication

    ACCA    Sexual Offenders on School Property

    ACDA Acceptable Use

    ACEA Bullying Policy


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  • Section B - School Board

    BA   School Board Ethics

    BAB Board Conflict of Interest

    BBA School Board Elections and Terms of Office

    BBC Method of Filling a Board Vacancy

    BC Meetings of the Board

    BCAA  Board Meeting Agenda and Pre-Meeting Preparation

    BCAD    Executive Sessions

    BCBA    Public Participation at Board Meetings

    BDAA   Contract Supersedes Policy & Regulations

    BDAB    Savings Clause

    BDA Procedure for Adopting Policy

    BDD Compensation and Expenses for Board Members

    BEC       School Board Evaluation

    BFA Board-Superintendent Relations

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  • Section C - Administration

    CAAA Superintendent Recruitment and Appointment

    CAAB    Superintendent Evaluation Procedure

    CAAB-E2  Superintendent Evaluation Worksheet

    CABC Administrative Reduction in Force

    CCA Superintendent & Other Administrative Professional Development

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  • Section D - Personnel

    DAA      Role of Policy & Regulation for Non-Contracted Employees

    DAB      Definitions for Personnel Policies

    DBAA Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New Classified Personnel

    DCAD- Expense Reimbursement

    DDAA Family and Medical Leave Act

    DDAB-BR Health Restoration Leave Regulations 

    DDAD-BR Childcare Leave Regulations

    DBBA Drug & Alcohol Testing Program for Employees

    DCB Definition of Workweek and Overtime and Compensatory Time

    DDA Sick Leave

    DDAA   Family & Medical Leave

    DDAB Health Restoration Leave

    DDAB-BR Health Restoration Leave Regulations

    DDAD Childcare Leave

    DDAE Sick Leave Bank

    DDAD-BR Childcare Leave Regulations

    DEAA Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

    DEAG Weapons Prohibition on School Property - Employees

    DEBD    Maintaining Professional Employee Student Boundaries

    DED   Administrative Leave & Suspension

    DGB      Employee Assistance Program

    DGGA Professional Development Plan

    DGHA   Lactation/Breastfeeding

    DHBE Teacher Preparation Time

    DI Personnel Records

    DI-BR Personnel Records Review Procedure

    DJB Part-Time Teachers

    DKA Reduction in Force

    DKBA Separation of At-Will Employees 

    DKBB Contracted Staff Resignations & Request for Release from Contract

    DKEA Exit Interview


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  • Section E - Ancillary Staff

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  • Section F - Students

    FAAA Open Enrollment

    FAAB Early Entrance Requirements

    FAAC Enrollment of Suspended or Expelled Students

    FAB School Assignment & Choice

    FACA Placement & Adjustment of Transfer Students

    FBA Student Fees

    FC Student Safety & Supervision

    FCAA Accommodating Students with Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

    FCAE Suicide Prevention

    FCAF Concussion Management

    FCBA Student Dismissal Precautions

    FCBB Student Transportation Safety & Supervision

    FCBD Student Custody

    FCC Restraint or Seclusion Policy

    FDB Education of the Homeless Students

    FDB-BR Education of the Homeless Dispute Resolution Procedure

    FDC Education of Migrant Students

    FDD Education of Pregnant and Parenting Students

    FDE Education of Special Education / Disabled Students

    FDH Students in Foster Care

    FDH-BR1 Foster Care Student Transportation Procedure

    FDH-BR2 Foster Care Student Transportation Dispute Resolution Procedure

    FF Student Conduct and Discipline

    FFA Student Alcohol & Other Drug Use/Abuse

    FFB Attendance & Absences

    FFD Carrying Weapons

    FFE Extra-Curricular Participation Requirements

    FFG Student Assemblies

    FFI Student Use of Personal Technology

    FFK Suspension and Expulsion

    FFK-BR Suspension and Expulsion Regulations

    FG Student Rights and Responsibilities

    FGA Student Educational Records

    FGA-BR1 Student Educational Records Access and Amendment Procedures

    FGA-BR2 Criteria for Approving and Denying Directory Information and Pll Release Requests

    FGBB Student Prayer During Non-Instructional Time

    FGCA Searches of Lockers

    FGCB Searches of Students and Student's Personal Possessions

    FGCC Student Interviews, Interrogations, and Custody by School Resource Officers and Outside Authorities

    FGDB Student Handbooks

    FGDD Student Publications & Freedom of Expression


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  • Section G - Instruction

    GAAA Curriculum Design & Evaluation

    GAAB Curriculum Adoption

    GAAC Review and Complaints of Instructional & Resource Materials

    GAAC-BR1 Procedure for Reviewing Complaints About Instructional / Resource Materials

    GAAE Critical Race Theory

    GABAA English Language Learners

    GABC Sex Education

    GABDB Title Programs Dispute Resolution Procedure

    GACB Patriotic Exercises

    GACG Educational Opportunities Through Sponsoring Entities

    GCAA Grade Promotion, Retention, & Acceleration

    GCC Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment & Third-Party Research on Students

    GCE Opting Out of State and Federal Assessments

    GDAA Early Graduation

    GDB Graduation Exercises

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  • Section H - Fiscal Management

    HBAA Federal Fiscal Compliance

    HBCC Fundraising

    HBCD Fundraising 

    HCAA Purchasing

    HCAB Bidding Requirements and Procedures

    HCAG Purchasing Cards

    HEAD Fixed Assets Management

    HEAF Fund Balance Policy in Accordance with GASB Statement # 54

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  • Section I - General Operational Programs


    IDC Data Protection & Security Breaches

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  • Section J - Facility Development

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  • Section K - Public Relations

    KAAA Visitors in the Schools

    KAAB School Volunteer Program

    KAB Hope-Page School District Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy

    KAB-BR Hope-Page School Level Parent and Family Engagement Regulations

    KACA Patron Complaints

    KACB Complaints about Personnel

    KADA Weapons Prohibition on School Property - Public

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  • Section L - Organizational Relations

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  • Section M - Negotiated Master Agreement

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  • Section N of Policy

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  • Section O of Policy

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