Section D - Personnel

DAA      Role of Policy & Regulation for Non-Contracted Employees

DAB      Definitions for Personnel Policies

DBAA Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New Classified Personnel

DCAD- Expense Reimbursement

DDAA Family and Medical Leave Act

DDAB-BR Health Restoration Leave Regulations 

DDAD-BR Childcare Leave Regulations

DBBA Drug & Alcohol Testing Program for Employees

DCB Definition of Workweek and Overtime and Compensatory Time

DDA Sick Leave

DDAA   Family & Medical Leave

DDAB Health Restoration Leave

DDAB-BR Health Restoration Leave Regulations

DDAD Childcare Leave

DDAE Sick Leave Bank

DDAD-BR Childcare Leave Regulations

DEAA Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

DEAG Weapons Prohibition on School Property - Employees

DEBD    Maintaining Professional Employee Student Boundaries

DED   Administrative Leave & Suspension

DGB      Employee Assistance Program

DGGA Professional Development Plan

DGHA   Lactation/Breastfeeding

DHBE Teacher Preparation Time

DI Personnel Records

DI-BR Personnel Records Review Procedure

DJB Part-Time Teachers

DKA Reduction in Force

DKBA Separation of At-Will Employees 

DKBB Contracted Staff Resignations & Request for Release from Contract

DKEA Exit Interview


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