Section F - Students

FAAA Open Enrollment

FAAB Early Entrance Requirements

FAAC Enrollment of Suspended or Expelled Students

FAB School Assignment & Choice

FACA Placement & Adjustment of Transfer Students

FBA Student Fees

FC Student Safety & Supervision

FCAA Accommodating Students with Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

FCAE Suicide Prevention

FCAF Concussion Management

FCBA Student Dismissal Precautions

FCBB Student Transportation Safety & Supervision

FCBD Student Custody

FCC Restraint or Seclusion Policy

FDB Education of the Homeless Students

FDB-BR Education of the Homeless Dispute Resolution Procedure

FDC Education of Migrant Students

FDD Education of Pregnant and Parenting Students

FDE Education of Special Education / Disabled Students

FDH Students in Foster Care

FDH-BR1 Foster Care Student Transportation Procedure

FDH-BR2 Foster Care Student Transportation Dispute Resolution Procedure

FF Student Conduct and Discipline

FFA Student Alcohol & Other Drug Use/Abuse

FFB Attendance & Absences

FFD Carrying Weapons

FFE Extra-Curricular Participation Requirements

FFG Student Assemblies

FFI Student Use of Personal Technology

FFK Suspension and Expulsion

FFK-BR Suspension and Expulsion Regulations

FG Student Rights and Responsibilities

FGA Student Educational Records

FGA-BR1 Student Educational Records Access and Amendment Procedures

FGA-BR2 Criteria for Approving and Denying Directory Information and Pll Release Requests

FGBB Student Prayer During Non-Instructional Time

FGCA Searches of Lockers

FGCB Searches of Students and Student's Personal Possessions

FGCC Student Interviews, Interrogations, and Custody by School Resource Officers and Outside Authorities

FGDB Student Handbooks

FGDD Student Publications & Freedom of Expression


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